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Verfasst von Quantum am 08.09.2009 um 17:44 Uhr 2

Team Fortress 2 - Details for Players
- Launch options

Team Fortress 2 - Details for Developers/Scripter
- A complete CVars List and how to acquire the List
- Advanced Video Menu CVars from the Menu
- Graphic CVars and the bloody Detail behind
- How to modify your TF2 Menu

Team Fortress 2 - Other Knowledge
- External Links

Launch options
Start Steam and then -> RightClick on Team Fortress 2 -> Properties -> Set Launch Options ...
Here you can use the following commands to modify you TF2 as you like.

Start TF2 in 32-Bit Mode, usefull for 64-System who make Problems

Dont use Configsettings, use for your System detected Defautlsettings. Remove to use ConfigSettings again

Automatic log the console to "console.log" at startup

Start TF2 with console active

Start in DeveloperMode

-dxlevel "x"
Start TF2 with DirectXMode x (95 = DirectX 9.5, 90 = DirectX 9, 81 = DirectX 8.1, 80 = DirectX 8, 70 = DirectX 7,60 = DirectX 6)

-freq "x"
Start TF2 with the Refreshrate x (f.e x=60 for TFT)

Start TF2 in FullscreenMode

Start TF2 in with OpenGL instead DirectX GraphicMode

-h "x" Start TF2 with ScreenHeigth of x (f.e. x=768)

-heapsize "x"
Here you can TF2 how much memory "x" in Kilobytes it should allocate for the game. (I would recommend half of the SystemMemory)
  • -heapsize 2097152 => 4GB System Memory
  • -heapsize 1048576 => 2GB System Memory
  • -heapsize 524288 => 1GB System Memory
  • -heapsize 262144 => 512MB System Memory

Disable the Border of the Window when TF2 is started not in FullscreenMode (uses native desktop refresh rate)

Disables some Crashdialogs (TF2 just closes)

Use Windows/Driver Mouseaccerlation

Use Windows/Driver Mousebuttons

Use Windows/Driver Mousespeed

Disable IPX-Network Support, saves Resources

Disable Jostick Support, saves Resources

Skip Intro at Startup

Untested: Start into ConsoleMode. No Menu should appear.

Start TF2 in a SafeMode, dont know the details

I guess same as -safe

-w "x"
Start TF2 with ScreenWidth of x (f.e x=1024)

Start TF2 in a WindowMode

I guess same as -window

+"console command"
Start TF2 and execute the following "console command" on Startup (f.e. +showconsole)

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